Living Planet - The Four Seasons of the Bush (2013)

Living Planet - The Four Seasons of the Bush (2013)


Hank and Marie react to Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance (idea credit).

That’s it. That’s as good as it’s all going to get.






i hate having to work in groups.

got last ep of s3

ok so this season has been almost pretty accurate to a storm of swords minus a few details, but all in all it’s been a great season. the best depictions imo from book to show have been tyrion (as always), robb, jon(i guess somewhat~), and arya. but like i said it was great in total, i understand budget issues and time constraints and how some parts in the book really don’t add anything to the storyline, it’s just a good read so much better when read. 

but yeah this episode i loved the intro 


i had a feeling they weren’t going to do this part, although it wasn’t completely accurate i was mostly satisfied except for the cat part (book readers know what i mean).

but yeah the rest of the episode was ok and i liked sams and jons parts and brans too

but all the theon parts not just this episode but the whole season pissed me off, i mean the part where his sister stands up to balon was cool and all but it really doesn’t coincide with a storm of swords but whatever

but what i really liked was danys part, it was just right and it was better than i saw it in my head while reading


oh and im pretty sure this slave was the moroccan dad in babel ( if it really is him he has not changed one bit, just his clothing, but otherwise you could say he was filming both at the same time~ )


anyway, i’m glad yet sad because this season is over and we have to wait probably another year for season 4 but it just gives me time to finish a feast for crows because this book has the worst intro chapters so far and i haven’t read past the 3rd one yet, i’ve heard this is the most boring book of the series but i’m trying to surpass those comments, it’s just so damn boring so far. 

OH and tywin is one sassy mother fucker, i can’t wait till what happens to him next season 

ugh *POSSIBLE SPOILERS**************8====4

ok so i’ve watched this episode 4 times now and every time i watch it i hate it more yet i love it just as much.

(based on what i remember from a storm of swords)

hates :

  1. gendry never left the brotherhood, in the book he was the new blacksmith, soooo
  2. how the ravens were on the weirwood but coldhands didn’t appear
  3. how they barely showed sam using the obsidian against the wights
  4. how the wight froze and not burned
  5. how sam left the obsidian on the ground like a moron
  6. (maybe it’s just me but i dont remember the whole loras talking to cersei conversation, but that just might be because it’s been a while since i read the book)


  1. everything daenerys 
  2. arya/the hound and where their story is heading
  3. sansa lannister/ tyrion stark wedding perf.

yeah 2 more episodes left if i’m not mistaken, hopefully they follow the book because ugh i wanna see jofs and margs wedding, but ugh don’t wanna see the red wedding 

ugh ughgughgughansofbakvjd 

every time i see this scene i think tywin is massaging that guys crotch

every time i see this scene i think tywin is massaging that guys crotch